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Dipl.-Kfm. Christian Stahr
Chief Operating Officer

Phone: +49 391 67 12 940


Gradverleihende Universität


Established 2017

 Beijing International Institute of Asia-Europe Education and Culture (AEEC), China, Mr. Yao Bo, valid until 2020
 Open University of China - Statistical Learning Center (permission for APS P-Procedure), China, Mr. Yao Bo, valid until 2018

Established 2016

 Jilin Normal University, China, Mr. Guo Qiao, valid until 2019

Established 2015

 Jiangxi Normal University (School of Intercultural Studies), China, Ms. Wang Aizhu, expired 2017
 Nanjing University of Science and Technology (NUST), China, Ms. Wang Aizhu, expired 2016

Established 2011

 Statistical Education and Training Centre of the National Bureau of Statistics of China, Mr. Lu Zhixian, expired 2016, follow up by AEEC in 2017
 Wadi International University (WIU), Syria, expired 2013

Intended Cooperation partners

 MWK Global Ltd (London, UK), Mr. James Yip & Mr. Dr. M. Shabbir (MOU signed 2017/11/23)
 Icarasia Sdn Bhd (Malaysia), Mr. James Yip & Mr. KC Wong, (MOU signed 2017/11/23)
 Nanjing Audit University, Mr. Zhao Ningru & Mr. Zhang Chunlei, (first visit 2017/11/03)
 Taiyuan Normal University, Mr. Xie Songtao, (MOU signed 2017/05/31)
North University of China, (MOU signed 2017/05/31)

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Christian Stahr
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